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Importance of Asr Prayer in Quran and Hadith

Islamic prayer, salah, or namaz is a particular saying and action, which start with Takbeer (saying Allah-u-Akbar) and ends with Tasleem (saying As-Salam u Alikum Warahmatullah). Islamic prayer is such a symbol and fundamental deed of religion, which is directly connected with the…

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Khutbah Hajjatul Wida (The Farewell Sermon of the Prophet PBUH)

Khutbah Hajjatul Wida (The Farewell Sermon of the Prophet PBUH) is a complete and comprehensive sermon that every Muslim and non-Muslim of every generation should read and study. It contains the basic principle of life, the complete guide to spending it,…

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10 Islamic Books You Must Read

The world of books is unique and it literally transports the readers to a time of joy, happiness, and excitement, and gives people a cause to smile, laugh or even shed a few tears. That’s the wonder of books! Through…

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